1/4 Page Ad Templates with Your Icon Choice for Explore Guide

The Last Green Valley

An easy way to advertise in The Last Green Valley's Explore Adventure Guide!

* Choose your orientation: Vertical or Horizontal
      * Choose your design: Clouds, Parchment, or Scrolls
          * Choose your icon!

            Email your text (note that each template has a different amount of characters available) to marcy@tlgv.org

            Character quantities for these templates:
            *Vertical: Clouds=95 characters, Scroll=43 characters, Parchment=107 characters

            *Horizontal: Clouds=132 characters, Scroll=43 characters, Parchment=132 characters

            The best news is that the completed ad will not only be shown off in the latest Explore Guide, calling more attention to what you do, but it will also be emailed back to you to use wherever you want!

            **Advertising templates are available to business and nonprofit partners of The Last Green Valley only. Consider becoming a proud partner if you are not already!

            JOIN: http://thelastgreenvalley.org/join-tlgv/members/business-partners/

            **Note that these icons are made for The Last Green Valley and are used in our "Top 10 lists" so they are familiar sights!         

            Top 10: http://thelastgreenvalley.org/explore-the-last-green-valley/100-fun-things-to-do-2/

            $ 325.00